Friday, 17 July 2020

Big updates for Surrey and Wiltshire today

Dear users of the OGI,

I have been reviewing the amazing resources at the Online Parish Clerk site for Wiltshire.  They now require a free account before allowing access to their data.  

As you can see, I have now changed the opening images on the site to announce that the Online Genealogical Index site was recommended at RootsTech in London and Salt Lake City.  Whitney Peterson, a British Research Expert, mentioned the site in her lectures and recommended it for finding information quickly.

Here are today's updates:

Gravestone Photos - 2 new cemeteries
OPC Dorset - 7 new data sets
Shropshire BMD - 16 data sets
TINSTAAFL Marriage Project - 19 new parishes
TINSTAAFL Norfolk Baptisms - 3 new parishes
Wiltshire Graveyard Photos - 38 graveyards
Wiltshire OPC - 759 new and updated data sets

  • Derbyshire Deaths and Burials - 7 parishes
  • National School Admission Registers - 2 new schools
  • Surrey Baptisms - 440 new and updated parishes
  • Surrey Marriages - 450 new and updated parishes
  • Surrey Burials - 190 new and updated parishes
  • Yorkshire Baptisms - 13 new parishes
  • Yorkshire Monumental Inscriptions - 39 new parishes
Total number of new items this week are 1988 (good year for music!) and the new total on the site today is 404,191.

I will be finally taking some family time off (first time this year) and heading to a few family history sites including the pub where my great-great-grandfather was landlord in 1894.  The Black Swan in Belford, Northumberland now has rooms for rent and I am fulfilling a lifelong dream of staying there.  

Here is a photo of the pub in the late 1890s.

Have a wonderful summer,

Tim Manners
Creator and Owner

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