Friday, 28 September 2018

Updates in September include Durham, Northumberland, Suffolk and all Welsh counties

Greetings to all users of the Online Genealogical Index,

I have done a couple of updates since the last blog entry so I would like to keep everyone up to date with what has been added.

Findmypast has tweaked their Welsh parish record collections and renamed many of them.  They have combined Marriages and Banns into the same data sets and changed the Powys collections to be their original historical county names.  That has made my job easier as I previously had to research each location to determine its original county.

With these combinations, the number of data sets have dropped so the grand total on the OGI has gone down slightly.  

Apart from the Welsh changes, here are the other additions over the past few weeks.

  • 92 Suffolk graveyard and parish record transcriptions from FamilySearch
  • 755 locations in Durham, Northumberland and Yorkshire in the database.  This was previously included in the OGI but was refreshed to import many updates.  The search and results are free but only show year and registration district.  
  • 11 new data sets for Lancashire Online Parish Clerks (
  • City of London Cemetery and Crematorium image browse (440,000 names) from
  • 6 data sets of Yorkshire marriages from
There are more collections coming before the end of the year according to FamilySearch.  Ancestry has not released any major new collections for a while so perhaps they will get something online soon.

If you find a gap in available data on the OGI, use the FamilySearch Catalog and look for available scanned films.  

Here is a step-by-step:

1.  Go to and sign in to your account.

2.  Hover your mouse over Search and click on Catalog.

3.  On the catalog page, enter the place you wish to search and select the correct location from the suggestions in the drop-down list.  Click on the Online option and then the Search button.

4.  Now open the section you are interested in such as Church Records.

5.  Click on the title you wish to view.

6.  Scroll down to the film details and look for the desired date ranges noting the item number(s).  This will be important when viewing the digital film.

7.  Click on the camera icon to open the film images.

8.  Use the page number option to jump to the correct part of the film looking for the required section number.

9.  It can take a few minutes to find the correct section of the film.  You can use the Information tab which will only show when viewing a page (double-click or use the box button on the left side).  This shows all the sections on the film to help you navigate your way through the images.

10.  And after some patience, you will find the section you need.

It may seem complex but much easier than ordering a microfilm and waiting weeks for delivery which is only available at a specific location!

More records are being digitized all the time.  There are full-time camera teams all over the world serving as volunteers with FamilySearch.  This promises many more data sets to come in the future!

Have a wonderful week and I will return with more updates very soon.


Tim Manners
Creator and Owner

Friday, 7 September 2018

New additions include Isle of Wight Cemetery Database, Dorset Memorial Inscriptions, parish records from Gloucestershire, Lancashire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire and more

Hello again,

It has been a number of weeks since I have updated the site.  Meanwhile, my family and I have traveled around Europe visiting friends and family (my son is serving in the British Army in Germany).

But I have been regularly finding new data to upload and today's addition of 735 data sets brings the total on to 385,320.

Here is the list of this week's updates:

  • 18 new graveyards added to
  • Cheshire Civil Registration marriages
  • Lancashire Civil Registration marriages and deaths
  • Lancashire parish registers from
  • Montomeryshire Memorial Inscriptions collection from findmypast
  • New Dorset Memorial Inscriptions collection from findmypast (252 parishes)
  • New additions for Gloucestershire and Herefordshire on the Forest of Dean Parish records website (
  • Norfolk Baptism Project additions to three parishes (
  • Over 100,000 cemetery records in thirteen Isle of Wight cemeteries from
  • Oxfordshire Memorial Inscriptions and parish registers from
  • Rootsweb Derbyshire parish regsiters, apprenticeships, bastardy indexes, cemetery records
  • Staffordshire Civil Registration deaths
  • Updates to Ancestry's Liverpool Catholic records
  • Worcestershire and Herefordshire Parish Record images from
  • Yorkshire Civil Registration marriages
I am still confident that there are many new resources and collections coming before the end of the year.

I hope you will find more ancestors in this week's additions.  I use all the time to help save time finding online records.  

Until next time,

Tim Manners
Owner and Creator