Thursday, 2 July 2020

303 new and updated data sets uploaded on 26th June

Dear Users of the OGI,

This update was done last week just before I fell ill for a few days!  I have not got the dreaded virus but was on my back for a while.

Here are the contents of the update:

OPC Dorset - 2

TINSTAAFL Marriages - 6

TINSTAAFL Norfolk Baptisms - 1

Yorkshire Civil Marriages - 7


  • Roman Catholic Baptisms - 98
  • Roman Catholic Burials - 39
  • Roman Catholic Marriages - 76
  • Roman Catholic Congregational Records - 64

Durham Records Online - 6

FamilySearch Durham Graveyards - 4

This brings the total of records on the Online Genealogical Index to 404,005.  I remember a few years ago when i first past 100,000 and I was amazed!  Things are still growing and I am still finding new ancestors by using the site!  The whole idea for the OGI was to create a tool for my own use but I quickly realized it would benefit others!  Thank goodness for my good friend David Sheppard from the Forest of Dean who helped build the site for me.  I see that over 28,000 searches have been done so far, my wife suggests half were my own searches, but I hope others have had success with their research using this tool.

Please pass the word on to others if you have found the OGI helpful in your research.  I know it has saved me thousands of hours of research time.  It has also been a good reminder of wonderful resources available online created by generous others who give away their work for the world to enjoy.  

Until the next update,

Tim Manners
Creator and Owner

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