Friday, 20 March 2020

563 new data sets uploaded today

Dear Patrons of the OGI,

Despite the lockdown, the lack of toilet paper, the empty supermarket shelves, the broken shopping process, the OGI lives on and is growing every month.

Ancestry has released updates and new Bristol record collections for Non-Conformists.  Bristol is an amazing place with hundreds of places of worship for many different denominations.  

Today's additions include the following:

  • Ancestry Bristol Non-Conformist Registers: 289 data sets
  • Dorset Online Parish Clerk: 3 new data sets
  • Durham Records Online: 3 new locations
  • FamilySearch Suffolk Memorial Inscriptions: 42 new locations
  • FamilySearch Suffolk Parish Register images: 129 data sets
  • Findmypast Hampshire Parish Registers: 28 new parishes
  • Findmypast Middlesex Baptisms: 4 new locations
  • Gravestone Photos: 4 new Yorkshire locations
  • Lancashire Online Parish Clerk: 14 new data sets
  • Sheffield Baptisms: 3 new data sets
  • Sheffield Marriages: 3 new data sets
  • Staffordshire Civil Registration: 10 new data sets
  • TINSTAAFL Marriage project: 16 new locations 
  • TINSTAAFL Norfolk Baptisms: 3 new parishes

I wish you all a safe and healthy month (or more) ahead.  Make use of the time at home to do more research, scan in family photos and upload to your favourite family history archive.

Check out the free photo colourization tool at MyHeritage.  Here are a few before and after examples from my own family archives ....

As you can see, the results are impressive and really bring old photos to life.

Until next time,

Tim Manners
Creator and Owner

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Major update to Findmypast Norfolk Bishop's Transcripts

Dear Fans of the OGI,

I have been working with Findmypast to improve three of their published Norfolk collections.  A number of data sets are labelled with only the church name (such as All Saints or St Peter) without a parish name.  Today, I emailed them the list of requested  fixes and hope they will implement that soon.

In the meantime, this new information along with all year ranges have now been updated on the OGI.

Here are yesterday's updates.

  • Cheshire - New Civil Registration Marriages (3 data sets)
  • Dorset - Parish Registers (5 data sets)
  • Durham - Gravestone Photos (1 data set)
  • Durham Records Online (4 new data sets)
  • Findmypast Norfolk Bishop's Transcripts Baptisms (883 updated data sets)
  • Findmypast Norfolk Bishop's Transcripts Burials (869 updated data sets)
  • Findmypast Norfolk Bishop's Transcripts Marriages (812 updated data sets)
  • Lancashire - Civil Registration Births and Marriages (2 data sets)
  • Norfolk - Baptisms (1 data set)
  • Staffordshire - Burial Index Surname Search (1 data set)
  • Staffordshire - Civil Registration Births, Marriages and Deaths (6 data sets)
  • TINSTAAFL Marriage project (8 data sets)
  • TINSTAAFL Norfolk Baptisms (1 data set)
  • Yorkshire - Gravestone Photos (1 data set)

Current total on the OGI is 402,690.  

Hope these new updates will help you find more ancestors!

Until next time,

Tim Manners
Creator and Owner

Friday, 7 February 2020

The OGI is still growing in 2020

Dear patrons of the Online Genealogical Index,

I wrote a lovely message to you all in December but, looking at the blog today, I seem to have saved but not published the update!  I have published it today and will now give you an update from 20th Dec 2019 through today, 7th Feb 2020.

20th December - 1,261 data sets added.

Cheshire BMD Marriages (4 new data sets)
Kent - Medway archive new website (86 data sets updated)
Gravestone Photos (7 new graveyards)
Lancashire BMD (7 new data sets)
Lancashire Online Parish Clerk (22 data sets)
Staffordshire BMD (7 new data sets)
TINSTAAFL Marriages (11 new data sets)
TINSTAAFL Norfolk Baptisms (2 new data sets)
Yorkshire BMD (19 new data sets)

  • Durham Baptisms (177 data sets updated)
  • Durham Burials (199 data sets updated)
  • Durham Marriages (168 data sets updated)
  • Northumberland and Durham Memorial Inscriptions (7 new data sets)
  • Northumberland Baptisms (217 updated data sets)
  • Northumberland Burials (169 updated data sets)
  • Northumberland Marriages (146 updated data sets)
  • Yorkshire Memorial Inscriptions (6 new data sets)
Durham Records Online (6 new data sets)

As you can see, Findmypast updated a lot of records adding new information and expanding year ranges for existing parish records.

Updates on 11th January 2020 - 82 new additions

Staffordshire Burial Index (25 new data sets)
Gravestone Photos (19 new graveyards)
Staffordshire BMD (12 new data sets)
TINSTAAFL Marriages (19 new data sets)
TINSTAAFL Norfolk Baptisms (2 new data sets)
Findmypast - Sussex Monumental Inscriptions (3 new data sets)

Updates on 31st January 2020 - 99 new additions

Cheshire BMD (4 data sets)
Gravestone Photos (11 data sets)
Lancashire Online Parish Clerk (21 data sets)
Dorset Online Parish Clerk (4 data sets)
TINSTAAFL Marriages (16 new data sets)
TINSTAAFL Norfolk Baptisms (2 new data sets)
Yorkshire BMD (4 data sets)

  • Durham Burials (4 data sets)
  • Kent Baptisms (1 data set)
  • Kent Burials (2 data sets)
  • Kent Marriages and Banns (1 data set)
Durham Records Online (20 data sets)
FamilySearch Parish Registers (9 data sets)

I am now gathering data for the next upload.  Should be later in February.

I hope the new information will help you find the ancestors you are looking for.

A tip this week I was reminded of, if you are unsure of the parents of a spouse, look at the witnesses to the marriage.  I had a direct ancestor with the wrong parents and found the correct parent duplicated on the marriage as a witness confirming the correct father.  Seems as if there is always something new to learn in this work!

Thank you for your encouragement and suggestions.  I am devoted to improving this site and making it more useful for all.

Until the next update,

Tim Manners
Owner and Creator

729 New and Updated Data Sets added Dec 6th 2019

Dear Fellow Genealogical Researchers,

What a busy 2019 the Online Genealogical Index has had!  

The site was recommended as a research tool at RootsTech London by British Research Expert and Lecturer Whitney Peterson.

16,895‬ new Data Sets were added to the OGI during 2019.

Today's update of 729 data sets includes the following:

Cheshire - Civil Registration Marriages (26 new cemeteries) Civil Registration Marriages (95 new data sets)
Hardwicke Marriage Act (21 new parishes)
Kent Memorial Inscriptions (305 updated locations)
Norfolk Baptisms (4 new parishes)
Findmypast's Cornwall Burials (223 updates parishes)
Findmypast's Greater London Burial Index (30 updated data sets)
Findmypast's Northumberland and Durham Baptisms (8 new data sets)
DurhamRecordsOnline (8 new data sets)

There may be another update this year but we shall see how busy things are online and in my own household!

Thank you for your support and encouragement this year.  I sincerely hope the site has been useful in your own research and has saved you hours of time.

I have big dreams for updating the site in 2020 namely improving the search options and adding testimonials and new photos.

Until next time,
Tim Manners
Creator and Owner

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Problem for NowTV Broadband customers and the OGI

Just a quick note to let you know if you have NowTV Broadband (amazing deals, I am saving 30% over TalkTalk) and try to view a site linked from the OGI, that site is being blocked.  They claim it has been labelled as being used by hackers.  This is not correct.

I had to contact them through their online Chat and they got it turned off for me (the setting is called Broadband Buddy) and the menus are not working today.

Just thought this may be useful for some of you!

Friday, 8 November 2019

Hundreds of new resources for Yorkshire

Dear users of the OGI,

Another week has flown by and another update has been added to the site today.

This weeks major addition boosts resources for Yorkshire.  I was guided to a set of memorial inscriptions with individual photos of each headstone on  A link to each location has now be added to the OGI.

Check out the index here:

The updates this week are listed below.

  • Isle of Man Parish Registers from (6 data sets)
  • Lancashire Civil Registration Marriages (3 data sets)
  • Shropshire Civil Registration Marriages (77 data sets)
  • Yorkshire Civil Registration Marriages (2 data sets)
  • Yorkshire Memorial Inscriptions and Parish Registers (481 data sets)
  • Yorkshire War Memorials from (5 data sets)

New total of 402,011 data sets.  

Findmypast updated their Dorset collections combining some together. These have now been updated on the OGI.  

Had a great experience researching with my friend Andy this week.  We struggled to find the christening of an ancestor in Lowthorpe, Yorkshire with the name Elizabeth Ellerley as recorded on her marriage entry in the parish register of Beverley, Yorkshire.

On reviewing the birth registration of her children in the General Register Office, we saw that they were recorded with a mother's maiden name of Hillaby.  

We then cross-referenced the marriage entry for Elizabeth Ellerley and noted that she had not signed her name and simply marked it with an X.  This made us think that phonetically, Ellerley and Hillaby sound similar and the parish clerk could have transcribed the name she said at the time of the marriage.

Upon seeking an Elizabeth Hillaby in Lowthorpe at the right birth year (using the OGI), we found Betty Hillaby's birth date, christening, parents and, sub sequentially, all her siblings. We then linked into another tree taking the line on Elizabeth Hillaby's father's side back to the 1500s.  

This experience was a good reminder how the GRO Index is an excellent tool for breaking through brick walls such as the previous example.  Don't forget to download my free guide on using the GRO by clicking here.  It includes many examples and step-by-step instructions of how to find more ancestors using this resource.

Currently working on a transcription of the contents of Pallot's Marriage Index which can be found on Ancestry (but with no contents).  I found an old typed manuscript on a digital film made many decades ago and have been working on getting it transcribed.  This resource will add thousands of links to the OGI.

Until the next update,

Tim Manners
Creator and Owner

Friday, 1 November 2019

Two more updates added

Dear fellow genealogical researchers,

I have uploaded two batches of new and updated record sets over the past week.

The new total of data sets hosted on is now 401,670.

Findmypast have been busy releasing new and updated collections that are now available on the OGI.

  • Dorset Memorial Inscriptions (268 parishes)
  • Norfolk Parish Registers and Memorial Inscriptions (additions and changes to 2,150 parishes)
  • Cornwall Burials
  • Kent Burials
  • Kent County Council Parish Register Browse (228 data sets)
  • Middlesex Monumental Inscriptions
  • Westmorland Baptisms
  • Westmorland Marriages
  • Westmorland Burials
Other recent additions include:
  • Lancashire Online Parish Clerk (14 new data sets)
  • Shropshire Civil Registration Marriages (39 new data sets)
  • (12 new locations)
  • Wakefield Council Burial Database (15 cemeteries)
I hope these updates will help you find your ancestors quickly.

Just a reminder to download my free guide to the General Register Office Index available here.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to use the GRO Index (free registration) to find mother's maiden names for any child born from August 1837 to 1918 (use FreeBMD for years up to 1984 then FindMyPast to see births up to 2008).  Also learn how to use this data to find marriages.  Deaths ages are also shown from August 1837 to 1957.  FreeBMD only shows deaths from 1866.  

There are many new collections from including Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire, Herefordshire and Surrey.  These do not currently have an obvious index of included parishes but some have linked images to the results of your search.

I hope to return very soon with more records to improve your search results!

Best wishes,

Tim Manners
Creator and Owner