Tuesday, 18 June 2019

10th Update of the Year

Dear users of the OGI,

Today is the 10th upload of new data in 2019.  Today's additions total 1,654 data sets.

Findmypast has claimed the release of a new collection which actually came out a number of months ago, don't believe everything you read!  Their Phillimore Marriage collection has been on their site for a long time.  But they did release the actual PDFs for browsing.

I found this information about William Phillimore on parishrecord.org.

W.P. Phillimore, born William Phillimore Watts Stiff, was the son of Dr Stiff, a Nottingham Doctor. He later took the name Phillimore from the family of his grandmother. While educated as a lawyer, he was also a publisher of books. In later life, he began to transcribe marriage registers, which he later printed in book form. When he died in 1914, he had covered 1,200 parishes from different counties in 200 volumes. He founded Phillimore & Co. Ltd in 1897, which have been publishing British local and family history for over a century.

Phillimore Marriage Records are a series of books published in the late 19th and early 20th centuries by Phillimore & Co. Ltd. They cover marriages from various parishes from each county, however there may be some omission as some of the registers have not survived. In some counties, the coverage of parishes is very good, whereas in other counties just a few parishes were transcribed - most counties do not have every parish transcribed.

All his available publications are online, the majority are found at archive.org and FamilySearch.org.  Click HERE to view a list of free online copies of Phillimore's registers.

If you would like to know which parishes are included in his publications, there is an index available HERE.  Note this was published in 1913 before additional volumes were added.

And on to the details regarding today's additions...

CemeterySearcher is a new system allowing the searching of memorial inscriptions and is now available for a total of five cemeteries in Buckinghamshire, Dorset, Northamptonshire and Suffolk.  Check out this example here.

CheshireBMD - Civil Registration Marriages (5 data sets)

Lancashire Online Parish Clerk (38 data sets)

Dorset Online Parish Clerk (5 data sets)

Hardwicke Marriage Act Index (10 data sets).  Westmorland was released this week.

Durham Records Online (5 data sets)

FindmypastEngland, Phillimore Marriage Registers, 1531-1913 Browse (1504 data sets)

Gravestonephotos.com (10 new cemeteries)

ManxBMD.com - Isle of Man Civil Registration (66 data sets)

I am glad to see that the total of data sets on OGIndex.org is now 397,070.

I will be removing the broken Ancestry collections in the next few weeks.  This may reduce the current total but I would rather have working data than a high number.

Thanks to the generous donation from the creator of ldsgenealogy.com, I have renewed the hosting of the OGI for another 4 years.  Hope you will be along for the ride!

Until the next update,

Tim Manners
Creator and Owner

Thursday, 13 June 2019

OGI now fully functional

Just wanted to notify everyone that the problem with Wales and the Isle of Man has now been resolved.  Big thanks to my fellow creator, David Sheppard, who has spent time on this issue finding and resolving the problem.

New updates coming soon will allow filtering of record type from the search screen and more accurate results based on year (instead of the + and - 40 year filter currently in place).

Hope you are enjoying all the latest data added this week.

Until the next update,


Monday, 10 June 2019

Biggest update of the year!

Dear fans of OGI,

Today I was able to upload the largest update for a LONG time.  4,922 new record sets!

Here is the breakdown by website name.

Sheffield Indexers (16 new record sets)

Gravestone Photos (25 new record sets)

Tinstaafl Norfolk Baptisms (2 new parishes)

Tinstaafl Marriage Index (92 new parishes covering Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex, Warwickshire and Worcestershire)

Essex Parish Registers (1,848 record sets)
Norfolk Bishop's Transcripts (890 parishes)
Norfolk Archdeacon's Transcripts (656 parishes)

Great London Burial Indes (66 new parishes)
Cardiganshire Parish Records (46 new record sets)

Herefordshire Bishop's Transcripts (374 parishes)
Norfolk Bishop's Transcripts (890 parishes)

Durham Records Online (6 new parish record sets)

An additional few record sets were found for Lancashire Civil Registration and Dorset Memorial Inscriptions.

I was disappointed to see the new FamilySearch Herefordshire collection has been indexed WITHOUT a place name.  You can only search by name then look at the linked image to see if it your ancestor.  I was able to find the master list of the coverage of this collection so you will know which parishes are included.  (Unique to ogindex.org)

The Ancestry Essex collections added last week also had no coverage table so I contacted the Essex Record Office and they guided me to their content given to Ancestry so I could add a breakdown of parishes to the OGI!  (No one else has that info!)

We are still trying to fix the problem with Wales and the Isle of Man.  The hosting company has added some additional security which has broken the drop-down list.  

If you want to search for a place in Wales, you can use this text as the address and add the name of the place to the end:  https://ogindex.org/search?country=Wales&town=

For the Isle of Man, use this text (add the place name at the end and paste it into your address bar):  https://ogindex.org/search?country=Isle+of+Man&town=

I hope we can find a solution very soon.  Thanks for your continue patience.

Best wishes for a wonderful summer ahead.  I am sure there will be new updates soon.

Kind regards,

Tim Manners
Creator and Owner

Friday, 24 May 2019

Huge collection of 1754-1837 marriages added for England and Wales

Dear users of the OGI,

Firstly, I must apologize that searching Wales and the Isle of Man is not working as it should but we are working on it today.  Hopefully, you will see the county list for both appear later.

The big news, and reason I am doing another update so soon, is the amazing content at my fellow researcher friend, Steve, at TINSTAAFL Transcripts

Philip Yorke, 1st Earl of Hardwicke (1690-1764)
His new project is to transcribe marriages from 1754-1837 in England and Wales.  This period of record keeping was started by the Hardwicke Marriage Act.  This is described on Wikipedia as follows:  "The Marriage Act 1753, full title "An Act for the Better Preventing of Clandestine Marriage", popularly known as Lord Hardwicke's Marriage Act, was the first statutory legislation in England and Wales to require a formal ceremony of marriage. It came into force on 25 March 1754."

Steve has already transcribed close to half a million marriages!  He adds new transcriptions every few days.  The full site will be live by the end of August but currently includes marriages for most Welsh counties and English counties from Berkshire to Staffordshire.  Suffolk through Yorkshire coming in the summer.  Visit his site hereI have linked his existing parishes and added them to the Online Genealogical Index.  

This week also included some new headstone photos and transcriptions from gravestonephotos.com and billiongraves.com.  Also, another set from Steve's other site, Norfolk Baptism Project for the parish of King's Lynn, St Margaret covering baptisms from 1813-1880.  Also, three more parish record indexes from durhamrecordsonline.com

It is always a pleasure to locate these amazing projects and link them to the database for all to find and appreciate.

The full total of data sets added on 23rd May is 658.  New total of records on the OGI is 390,547.  Maybe I will reach my goal of 400,000 this year after all!

I know you will find the content on Steve's marriage site very useful and hope you enjoy using it in the future.  I will keep all new parishes added to the OGI for easy access.

Until the next update,

Tim Manners
Creator and Owner

Friday, 17 May 2019

Lots of new records for Lancashire, Lincolnshire and Somerset

Dear fans of the Online Genealogical Index,

Another update of 190 data sets today including parish registers, memorial inscriptions and gravestone photos.  This brings the total number of data sets on the site to 389,898.

Here is a summary of today's new additions:

Parish Registers on Genuki.org.uk (7 sets)

Memorial Inscriptions found on a "dead" website using web.archive.org (2 sets)

Parish Register transcriptions from lan-opc.org.uk (74 sets)

New Parish Record additions by Findmypast (50 sets)

Parish Register Transcriptions on Genuki.org.uk (84 sets)

There are a few parish register and memorial inscription additions for Durham, Gloucestershire, Kent, Norfolk, Nottinghamshire, Rutland and Suffolk.

Ancestry recently updated their URLs for all collections in the catalog.  I have discovered 16 collections are now unusable (missing or broken) and have reported this to Ancestry this week.  If you would like to see which collections are missing, here is a list:

  1. Bedfordshire, England, Extracted Church of England Parish Records
  2. Berkshire, England, Extracted Church of England Parish Records
  3. Devon, England, Extracted Church of England Parish Records
  4. Durham, England, Extracted Church of England Parish Records
  5. Kent, England, Extracted Parish Records
  6. Lancashire, England, Extracted Church of England Parish Records
  7. London Churches, Christening and Baptismal Records
  8. London Churches, Burials and Deaths Records
  9. Norfolk, England, Extracted Parish Records
  10. Somerset, England, Extracted Church of England Parish Records
  11. Suffolk, England, Selected Church of England Parish Registers, 1558-1778
  12. Suffolk, England, Extracted Church of England Parish Records
  13. Surrey, England, Extracted Church of England Parish Records
  14. Westmorland, England, Extracted Church of England Parish Records
  15. Wiltshire, England, Selected Church of England Parish Registers, 1591-1812
  16. Wiltshire, England, Extracted Church of England Parish Records
I have left these in the OGI for now hoping the problem will be fixed soon.  

I appreciate all those reading the blog and using the site.  I know it is saving you all time in your research and, hopefully, guiding you to little-known sources.  You are welcome to leave comments on the blog. I love hearing from those using the site.

Please help by passing the word around to others engaged in family history research!  


Tim Manners
Creator and Owner

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

New and updated collections for Kent, Norfolk and Somerset

Hello fellow researchers,

Today's update includes 1,150 data sets.  Some are updates where a website address has changed.

Ancestry have completed bishop's transcripts for Norfolk which added 259 data sets to that collection.  They have also released a Kent Parish Register collection of 355 data sets.  The results are text only and you are unable to view the original parish registers.  Good news is that this is a copy of the collection found on FamilySearch where the transcriptions and images are free to view.

I have used the wonderful web.archive.org (which backs up websites) to recover lost data on the defunct Online Parish Clerk site for Kent.  I was able to add 88 data sets that are no longer found outside of archive.org.

The largest collection updated and re-added to the OGI today was from the Somerset site wsom-opc.org.uk.  They have recently changed their addresses and now the 433 data sets are working properly again.

Other additions include new baptisms in Norfolk, gravestones throughout the country and a new data set from opcdorset.org.

I hope you have had success this past month with the data referenced on the OGI.  I certainly have and saved hours of research time!

This week, Jeniann from ldsgenealogy.com kindly donated some funds towards the upkeep of ogindex.org.  Her website is similar to mine for the United States and is an excellent resource for those of you researching the USA.  Anyone can donate using the link at the bottom of the home page.  Every pound helps keep the site running!

New total of OGI data sets is 389,805.

Until next time,

Tim Manners
Creator and Owner

Friday, 19 April 2019

Big news for Durham, Northumberland and Yorkshire

Dear Fellow Genealogical Researchers,

Findmypast has released a large collection of Durham Bishop's Transcripts covering Durham, Northumberland, Cumberland and Yorkshire.  These are transcripts of their Durham Bishop's Transcript Image collection which was released last year.

They have also released an update to The National Burial Index.  This has added hundreds of records for Durham, Essex and Yorkshire.  These have all been updated on the Online Genealogical Index today making the total of available data set links 389,090.  The goal of reaching 400,000 this year is still in my sights!

Here is the breakdown of what was added today.

Total sets added/updated today was 1,883.  As many of the National Burial entries were updates of year ranges to existing locations, I removed them and uploaded the new details.

I know there are some major collections coming this year from FamilySearch and will add the links to the OGI as soon as they are available.

I wish all of you a wonderful Easter and look forward to informing you of the next updates.

Kind regards,

Tim Manners
Creator and Owner