Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Two updates already in 2021!

Happy New Year to all the users of the Online Genealogical Index!

I hope you had a safe and enjoyable Christmas and have high hope and dreams for 2021.  

There was a small upload on 2nd Jan and a larger one today, 12th Jan.  I have been in hospital in-between these dates for yet another surgery and now have some time to get things recorded and new data gathered.

Here are the new addition details:

Cemetery Searcher - 2 new Grave Databases

Findmypast - Devon Burials 3

Findmypast - Devon Marriages 676

Findmypast - Durham Records Online 4

Findmypast - Montgomeryshire Monumental Inscriptions 19

Findmypast - National School Admission Registers 85

Findmypast - Northamptonshire Baptisms 199

Findmypast - Northamptonshire Burials 312

Findmypast - Northamptonshire Marriages 511

Gravestone Photos 19

TINSTAAFL Marriages 24

TINSTAAFL Norfolk Baptisms 4

As you can see, 2021 has started with lots of changes so keep looking for those allusive ancestors as you may be surprised to find new records.

Best wishes,

Tim Manners


Friday, 18 December 2020

Updated Isle of Wight and Nottinghamshire Collections

Dear Users of the OGI,

Thank you for your support this year.  I appreciate those who have donated towards the costs of keeping the site running.  It pleases me to see the number of searches made on the site and I hope you are finding ancestors much more easily.  It has certainly helped my research and I am able to find complete families quickly once I determine a location.

This may be the last update of 2020.  What a year we have experienced.  It has been scary, frustrating, in some ways more focused than before.  I know I have spent more time with those that matter most.

Here are the details of today's 340 new items:

  • Durham Records Online - 8 new data sets
  • FMP Nottinghamshire Baptisms - 79 new parishes
  • FMP Nottinghamshire Burial Index - 72 new data sets
  • FMP Yorkshire Monumental Inscriptions - 14 new data sets
  • Gravestonephotos.com - 3 new graveyards
  • Isle of Wight FHS Civil Registration - 114 updated data sets
  • Lancashire Online Parish Clerks - 16 data sets
  • Sheffield Indexers - 10 new data sets
  • Staffordshire BMD - 6 Death data sets
  • TINSTAAFL Baptisms - 2 new data sets
  • TINSTAAFL Marriage Project - 12 new data sets
The site total is currently 406,305.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and successful 2021.

Here is a photo of a winter with snow (remember them?!) in Burton on Trent where I currently reside.

With warm regards,

Tim Manners

Friday, 4 December 2020

Lots of cemeteries added today!

Dear Users of the OGI,

Today's update has brought the total of data sets on the site to 406,011.

Findmypast has changed the names of some of their collections so these have been reuploaded and include some new parishes for both Essex and Devon Baptisms.

I have also found a good collection of gravestone transcriptions for a variety of locations on Geneanet.org.  These have also been added today.

Here is the breakdown of what was uploaded:

  • FamilySearch - Norfolk and Suffolk Graveyard Surveys - 8 new data sets
  • Findmypast - Berkshire Parish Registers - 6 new data sets
  • Findmypast - Devon Baptisms - 73 new data sets
  • Findmypast - Essex Baptisms - 677 updated data sets
  • Geneanet Cemeteries - 62 new data sets
  • Gravestonephotos - 12 new cemeteries
  • Lancashire Online Parish Records - 16 new data sets
  • South Bradford Family History Alliance - 8 new data sets
  • TINSTAAFL Hardwick Marriage Project - 22 new data sets
  • TINSTAAFL Norfolk Baptisms Project - 3 new parishes
  • Yorkshire BMD Marriages - 7 new data sets

I hope you will find some new ancestors in this latest update.

Until the next one,

Tim Manners


Monday, 16 November 2020

Big update for Welsh research on 13th November

Back so soon!

I discovered the recent additions of Anglican records for all counties in Wales on Ancestry.  These have transcriptions and images for hundreds of parishes.

I have added them parish by parish to help you find your ancestors by location.  If unsure, use any link to search the entire Ancestry collection by county.

A full list of the uploads is below.

  • Ancestry's Welsh Anglican Parish Registers - 1,269 data sets
  • FamilySearch's Northumberland Parish Registers - 7 new data sets
  • Lancashire Online Parish Clerks - 11 new data sets
  • Findmypast's Yorkshire Monumental Inscriptions - 6 new data sets
  • Findmypast's National School Admission Registers & Log-Books - 15 new data sets
  • TINSTAAFL Marriage project - 2 new data sets

Unfortunately, the Warwickshire Gov.uk site has removed a large collection of Birth, Marriage and Death records so I have taken them off the OGI (223 data sets) and written to them asking if there is a new address to see these for free online.  As soon as I get the info, I can put them back in the database.

The new total is now 405,839.

I hope another update will come along before the end of the year.

Thank you for your patronage.  And thanks to Linda F. who sent a donation in over the weekend.  It all helps keeping things running for years to come.

Until the next update,

Tim Manners


Wednesday, 11 November 2020

224 data sets added today

Greetings fellow genealogical researchers!

I hope those in England are coping well with Lockdown 2.0.

Here are today's new additions to ogindex.org.

  • Durham Records Online - 12 data sets
  • Findmypast Greater London Burial Index - 1 data set
  • Findmypast Warwickshire Burials - 10 data sets
  • Gravestone Photos - 41 new cemeteries and monuments
  • Lancashire OPC - 26 data sets
  • Milton Keynes Heritage site - 36 data sets for Sherington, Buckinghamshire
  • OPC Dorset - 8 data sets
  • Shropshire BMD - 12 death data sets
  • Staffordshire BMD - 11 birth and death data sets
  • TINSTAAFL Hardwick Marriage Project - 54 new parishes
  • TINSTAAFL Norfolk Baptisms - 7 new parishes
  • Yorkshire BMD - 14 marriage data sets
New site total is 404,750 data sets.

I hope these additions will help you find more ancestors.

Until the next update,

Tim Manners

Saturday, 12 September 2020

Return to the land of the living

Dear Friends of the OGI,

I am happy to report that I have survived my surgery and have now after 4 weeks turned on my laptop to catch up with OGI work and get the database updated.

There were 204 new data sets uploaded today.  Here is the breakdown.

  • TINSTAAFL Norfolk Baptisms Project - 10 new parishes
  • TINSTAAFL Marriages - 31 new parishes
  • Shropshire BMD Deaths - 18 new data sets
  • Staffordshire BMD Births and Deaths - 4 new data sets
  • OPC Dorset - 15 new data sets
  • Lancashire OPC - 15 new data sets
  • Gravestone Photos - 6 new locations
  • Findmypast - 21 new Welsh record sets
  • Ancestry Westminster - 82 new data sets
I am glad to be back but it will still be a long road to a full recovery.  My surgery was 4.5 hours and gave me a new 43cm scar.

Thanks for using the site and for letting me know of updates.  I had an email last week telling me about a change in a website so that has now been corrected and will work again (Great Harwood in Lancashire - see this wonderful website here: http://greatharwoodarchive.org.uk/documentary-sources/church-records-and-religion/)

Here is a beautiful sunset I photographed a few weeks ago from my back garden.  We hope to see a few more before the winter.

Have a wonderful September and I hope to return again in the autumn with more updates.

Best wishes,

Tim Manners

Friday, 7 August 2020

Another summer update!

 Dear Friends of the OGI,

One more update before I disappear for a while due to a surgery on the 18th August.

There are still exciting updates appearing online and I have found another 138 data sets to upload to the website today.  This brings the new total to 404,326.  There have been a total of 29,085 searches on the site since launch.  My wife jokes that most of them are probably mine (I hope she was joking....)

Here is the breakdown of today's upload:

  • Durham Records Online - 9 data sets
  • Findmypast Hampshire Baptisms - 6 data sets
  • Findmypast Hampshire Burials - 6 data sets
  • Findmypast Hampshire Marriages - 12 data sets
  • Findmypast Warwickshire Burials - 3 data sets
  • GravestonePhotos - 8 new graveyards
  • Lancashire OPC - 32 new data sets
  • Netherbury Dorset Parish registers - 3 data sets
  • OPC Dorset - 3 new data sets
  • Shropshire Civil Registration Deaths - 8 new data sets
  • Staffordshire Civil Registration - 12 new data sets
  • TINSTAAFL Marriage Project - 20 new parishes
  • TINSTAAFL Norfolk Baptisms - 3 new parishes
  • Yorkshire Civil Registration Marriages - 19 data sets
There are many enthused and talented researchers out there who are regularly adding to the pool of available resources online.  The majority are completely free and will help you in your genealogical research.

Best wishes to you all.  I do appreciate your use of the site and hope you find an ancestor using the resources using my Online Genealogical Index.

Until post-surgery!

Tim Manners
Creator and Owner