Thursday, 31 May 2018

Surgery over - back to gathering data!

Greetings from the couch of recovery....

I had three surgeries last week and now have an expected 6.5 inch (19 stitches) scar on my leg due to something called Compartment Syndrome which happens when a limb is starved of bloodflow for too long.  The main surgery was completed successfully but due to the leg problem, I was rushed in for another surgery 3 hours after the first (on the NHS, that is a rush apparently).

Good news is I now have more time to work on the Online Genealogical Index and find more resources for those using the site!

This week's additions are:

  • Lancashire Civil Registration Marriages
  • Rutland Parish Registers from
  • Dorset Parish Registers and Monumental Inscriptions from
  • Suffolk Gravestones
  • Lancashire Parish Registers from
  • Yorkshire Civil Registration Marriages
  • Norfolk Archdeacon Transcript collection from Ancestry
  • Devon Parish Register collection from (transcriptions and images) - This addition has taken weeks as it is one of the eight British collections containing just film numbers in the image index.  All places and corresponding film numbers are now in the database!

Total new record sets this week = 2835

I hope these new records will help you in your search for your own family....

Now back to resting on the couch and napping a little!

Tim Manners
Creator of the Online Genealogical Index

Friday, 11 May 2018

Hampshire and Isle of Wight now seperated and huge updates for Norfolk this week

Greetings friends!

Another week and more data is added to the website!

I have spent many hours this week manually reviewing over 6000 records for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.  They have now been divided into two sections so you will now see Isle of Wight as an option in the English counties drop-down list.  This will help with searching for ancestors by these geographic locations.  The OGI is now the largest Index of Isle of Wight genealogical data online with 818 data sets.

Findmypast is the star site of the week due to the release of a number of image collections for Norfolk.

  • Norfolk Parish Chest Records 1300-1990 Browse
  • Norfolk Parish Register Browse
  • Norfolk Archdeacon's Transcripts 1600-1812 Image Browse

  • These collections include Apprenticeship records (find your ancestor in their first job!) and Bastardy Bonds (horrible name but excellent resource to find the father of an illegittamate child).

    I also learned this week that Archdeacon's Transcripts were copies sent to the Archdeacon up to 1812.  In 1813, copies of parish registers were sent to the Bishop, creating Bishop's Transcripts.

    This weeks additions total 1,426.  I am still hoping to near 400,000 data sets by the end of the year but that depends on 

    New record sets include updates in Gloucestershire's Ancestry collections, Suffolk parish registers and Somerset gravestone photos (from

    A great website you may find interesting is this comprehensive index of all graves in Froyle, Hampshire, a wonderful resource if you have ancestry in this area.  This is another excellent example of a free site created for the benefit of all!  I hope as more genealogists retire, they will spend more time adding resources similar to the Froyle pages online.

    If you have any electronic or scanned documents you feel would be of value (such as graveyard transcriptions or parish records), they can be hosted on for all to see.
    A recent example of a hosted document found through for a defunct website is here.  It is a graveyard survey for Horninglow, St John the Divine in Staffordshire.  Glad this is now available at a link on the OGI as it is hours of work to lose.

    I am dedicated in making this website the best resource for English, Welsh and Isle of Man research.

    May you be encouraged in your family history efforts!  The number of records and websites available today are better than ever before! 
    Until the next update,

    Tim Manners
    Founder and Chief Data Hunter!

    Sunday, 6 May 2018

    New discoveries for Derbyshire, County Durham graves and parish registers from Lancashire, Shropshire and Staffordshire

    Greetings to all my fellow genealogical researchers!

    This week, I had to remove all dead links for Rootsweb who have been concerned about security problems.  This dropped the total of the OGI by 4000 links!  Another resource of hundreds of transcriptions,, has also taken their site down but states they are preparing for a new launch "soon".

    I did find a lot of copies of the Rootsweb data (mainly for Derbyshire) on the amazing site.  I have also kept a full copy of all the removed links so if they are ever restored, they can be re-added to the OGI.  I am confident that the removed data was not unique and is available elsewhere by using the Online Genelaogical Index.

    This weeks new additions are as follows:

    I hope everyone in the UK is enjoying our warm bank holiday weekend.  We have had more  time with relatives and friends which is always a treat.

    In a few weeks, I will be having surgery in Dudley and may be quiet for a while.  I do hope that once I am up for it, there may be more time during recovery to find new resources to add to the OGI.

    Thank you all for your interest and support.

    Tim Manners