Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Review of October Updates

Hello users of the OGI!

There have been a number of updates this month and I want to give you a detailed list to show that the collection continues to be improved.  I also thought it would be of interest to show the breakdown of the data currently included.

As you can see, Findmypast is slowly catching Familysearch (the current leader) in data set totals.  I am always impressed with the 19% of non-commercial data sets (that is almost 72,000) in the Other category.  There are amazing sites with comprehensive data created by private individuals or local family history groups.  The Other Category also includes's scanned family history books which currently stands at over 3,900 data sets.  Many books include multiple locations and after reviewing around 214,000 pages of data (no wonder I wear glasses), the resources being released in these historical journals, magazines and volumes are invaluable.

There were many updated Findmypast collections this month and that involved my removing of the current collection from the OGI and uploading the new data to the site.

The total number of uploaded data sets was 1,545.  Many of these replaced outdated year ranges, etc.

Current grand total of data sets hosted on the Online Genealogical Index is 385,019.  It looks as if my dream of passing 400,000 this year may have to wait until 2019. 

Here is the list of what was added/updated in October along with the number of data sets (specific places, type and date range).

Ancestry - Surrey, England, Church of England Marriages, 1754-1937 (289)

Dorset Online Parish Clerks (1)

  • Essex Parish Register transcriptions (3)
  • Sussex Parish Register images (4)
Findmypast (1,223)
  • Dorset Baptisms (307)
  • Dorset Burials (330)
  • Kent Registers & Records (15 sets of Parish Registers and Memorial Inscriptions)
  • Kent Baptisms (31)
  • Kent Banns (5)
  • Kent Burials (36)
  • Kent Marriages (3)
  • Kent, Canterbury Archdeaconry Banns (5)
  • Kent, Canterbury Archdeaconry Baptisms (7)
  • Kent, Canterbury Archdeaconry Burials (6)
  • Kent, Canterbury Archdeaconry Marriages (3)
  • Middlesex Baptisms 1543-1876 (270)
  • Northumberland and Durham Burials (205) (14 new graveyards)

As you can see, things are still moving along in regards to new resources.  If I cannot find data needed at the OGI, I then go to the Catalog to see if digital films are available for a specific place.  I often add direct links to these parishes in the OGI for future access.  The process of doing this is explained in detail on the previous blog entry (28 September 2018).

I wish you all a good Autumn and look forward to sharing the new additions for November with you in a few weeks!

Best wishes,

Tim Manners
Creator and Owner