Tuesday, 30 April 2019

New and updated collections for Kent, Norfolk and Somerset

Hello fellow researchers,

Today's update includes 1,150 data sets.  Some are updates where a website address has changed.

Ancestry have completed bishop's transcripts for Norfolk which added 259 data sets to that collection.  They have also released a Kent Parish Register collection of 355 data sets.  The results are text only and you are unable to view the original parish registers.  Good news is that this is a copy of the collection found on FamilySearch where the transcriptions and images are free to view.

I have used the wonderful web.archive.org (which backs up websites) to recover lost data on the defunct Online Parish Clerk site for Kent.  I was able to add 88 data sets that are no longer found outside of archive.org.

The largest collection updated and re-added to the OGI today was from the Somerset site wsom-opc.org.uk.  They have recently changed their addresses and now the 433 data sets are working properly again.

Other additions include new baptisms in Norfolk, gravestones throughout the country and a new data set from opcdorset.org.

I hope you have had success this past month with the data referenced on the OGI.  I certainly have and saved hours of research time!

This week, Jeniann from ldsgenealogy.com kindly donated some funds towards the upkeep of ogindex.org.  Her website is similar to mine for the United States and is an excellent resource for those of you researching the USA.  Anyone can donate using the link at the bottom of the home page.  Every pound helps keep the site running!

New total of OGI data sets is 389,805.

Until next time,

Tim Manners
Creator and Owner

Friday, 19 April 2019

Big news for Durham, Northumberland and Yorkshire

Dear Fellow Genealogical Researchers,

Findmypast has released a large collection of Durham Bishop's Transcripts covering Durham, Northumberland, Cumberland and Yorkshire.  These are transcripts of their Durham Bishop's Transcript Image collection which was released last year.

They have also released an update to The National Burial Index.  This has added hundreds of records for Durham, Essex and Yorkshire.  These have all been updated on the Online Genealogical Index today making the total of available data set links 389,090.  The goal of reaching 400,000 this year is still in my sights!

Here is the breakdown of what was added today.

Total sets added/updated today was 1,883.  As many of the National Burial entries were updates of year ranges to existing locations, I removed them and uploaded the new details.

I know there are some major collections coming this year from FamilySearch and will add the links to the OGI as soon as they are available.

I wish all of you a wonderful Easter and look forward to informing you of the next updates.

Kind regards,

Tim Manners
Creator and Owner

Friday, 5 April 2019

Large updates for Kent Parish Registers

Hello fellow genealogical researchers,

A quick entry to inform you all about the large release of Kent data from Findmypast that was announced today.  I have now updated all the Kent Baptisms, Marriages and Burials on the Online Genealogical Index to include these entries.  

The total number of data sets referenced on the OGI now totals 388,235.

There are also some new memorial inscription data sets for Derbyshire, Dorset, Suffolk, Sussex and Yorkshire as well as some parish register sets for Dorset, Durham and Suffolk.

I am committed to finding more resources to improve the options a researcher has to find data quickly.  Personally, using the OGI this week has been very successful and I was able to locate ancestors in minutes.  I hope you are having similar experiences.

Easter greetings to all.


Tim Manners
Creator and Owner