Monday, 25 June 2018

Additions for Wiltshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire, Norfolk and Lancashire

Hello everyone,

I am still committed to finding the latest data for English, Welsh and Isle of Man research.  I have added 1,562 data sets to the Online Genealogical Index today.  This includes updated collections for Wiltshire from findmypast along with a brand new valuable set of data.

Findmypast has added some new parish records to their Wiltshire Baptism, Marriage and Burial Indexes as well as a brand new collection entitled, 'Wiltshire Social & Institutional Records'.  This includes a large collection of Monumental Inscriptions (a different set than the existing Wiltshire Memorial Inscription Index), an extensive Bastardy Index for 330 places in the county.  Bastardy indexes can often reveal the name of the father of an illegitimate child as the mother attempts to get financial support through the parish leadership.

This weeks additions include:
The total of the OGI data sets is now 382,961.  Remember, a data set is a group of records for a specific place and date range and can include from dozens to tens of thousands of names.

I am currently reviewing the content of Billiongraves to find new additions for England and Wales which will take a few weeks as there are over 6,400 links for burial places where only a portion have actual images or names.  I need to test each one!  When complete, the OGI will have an up to date list of all graveyards at that website with useful data for research.

There are still amazing people working on their personal projects which will benefit us all.  I have recently been in touch with Mark Etheridge, creator and author of Yorkshire Churches and Graveyards and helping him with some updates and additional data.  I am so impressed with these wonderful projects and that is one of my big motivators in keeping the Online Genealogical Index growing to help others find and utilize these websites.

I wish you all a wonderful week and hope you are enjoying the World Cup as much as we are!

Best wishes,

Tim Manners
Creator and Owner

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