Monday, 16 November 2020

Big update for Welsh research on 13th November

Back so soon!

I discovered the recent additions of Anglican records for all counties in Wales on Ancestry.  These have transcriptions and images for hundreds of parishes.

I have added them parish by parish to help you find your ancestors by location.  If unsure, use any link to search the entire Ancestry collection by county.

A full list of the uploads is below.

  • Ancestry's Welsh Anglican Parish Registers - 1,269 data sets
  • FamilySearch's Northumberland Parish Registers - 7 new data sets
  • Lancashire Online Parish Clerks - 11 new data sets
  • Findmypast's Yorkshire Monumental Inscriptions - 6 new data sets
  • Findmypast's National School Admission Registers & Log-Books - 15 new data sets
  • TINSTAAFL Marriage project - 2 new data sets

Unfortunately, the Warwickshire site has removed a large collection of Birth, Marriage and Death records so I have taken them off the OGI (223 data sets) and written to them asking if there is a new address to see these for free online.  As soon as I get the info, I can put them back in the database.

The new total is now 405,839.

I hope another update will come along before the end of the year.

Thank you for your patronage.  And thanks to Linda F. who sent a donation in over the weekend.  It all helps keeping things running for years to come.

Until the next update,

Tim Manners

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