Friday, 5 July 2019

Big summer update!

Dear users of the OGI,

I have been working hard looking for new content and today's update adds 1,116 new data sets to the site.

I have decided to highlight updates by county this week:

Bedfordshire - 62 parish register collections from
Derbyshire - 12 parish register and memorial inscription collections from
Durham - 18 parish register collections from
Essex - 18 parish register collections from
Gloucestershire - 3 parish record collections from
Hampshire - 3 parishes from and 9 from
Herefordshire - 17 parish register collections from
Lancashire - 21 civil registration record sets from
Somerset - 7 memorial inscription surveys from
Staffordshire - 760 parish register image collections from and 16 civil registration sets from
Wiltshire - 32 marriage data sets from
Worcestershire - 32 marriage data sets from
Yorkshire - 29 parish register collections from

This latest update brings the total of data sets on the OGI to 398,157

In the next few weeks, the final county of Yorkshire will be added to the amazing site mentioned on previous posts, "Hardwicke Marriage Index" found here

This site already has 469,801 marriages from England and Wales between 1754 and 1837.  This can certainly extend your family tree by showing the maiden names of your ancestors married before the start of Civil Registration in July of 1837.

New data sets coming soon for Bristol and Westminster.  These are collections already available on but have no labels.  

There are so many people gathering and transcribing information who then share it with the world online.  My goal has been to make those records and websites more accessible to others.

I wish each of you a wonderful summer.  Maybe you will take some time to visit a cemetery or ancestral locations.  I still have fond memories of visiting the town of Belford in Northumberland and finding the headstone of my great-great-grandparents, Joseph John and Eleanor Mary Manners.  


He is the end of our family tree on the Manners side.  Hope to find his parents one day.

Until next time,

Tim Manners
Creator and Owner

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