Friday, 27 April 2018

New data sets include Surrey Baptisms and Suffolk graves.

Another week passes by and even more records are available at continues to add numerous genealogical resources to the database.  This weeks updates include 105 links.  Many of these records are not found anywhere else online so they are unique sources.

Also, a new Surrey Baptism collection from findmypast which covers 180 parishes fills a gap in records from that county.

A summary of this weeks additions follows:
The total of today's imports is 357 data sets.

The current total of pages reviewed is over 204,000.  This only includes the records I have recorded in a list to follow my progress as there are many I found years ago before keeping a seperate list for just sources.  This method of finding genealogical data has resulted in over 3,800 sets of unique records such as these from this week's discoveries.

I am still amazed at the resources buried in the thousands of genealogical publications offered freely on and will continue searching for new records to help break down those genealogical brickwalls.

This week, I heard an exciting rumour that a number of English counties are negotiating with findmypast to host the parish records held by their historical record societies.  This could increase the availability of online records by the millions.  Remember that is free at any LDS Family History Centre.  Your nearest one can be found here.

Ancestry also recently updated their London parish record collections adding millions of new records.  

It is comforting to know that finding an ancestor will become more possible through the growing collection of online records.  And, please remember to come to to find those new records when you know the place to search!

Until the next update,

Tim Manners

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