Monday, 19 March 2018

Latest Additions include many resources from

I have just totalled the number of pages I have reviewed over the past four years while compiling genealogical data for the Online Genealogical Index.  These scanned books includ historical magazines, pedigrees, local histories, school records, graveyard surveys,  parish registers, etc.  The total number of pages I have personally examined is over 110,000.  That is a lot of paperbacks!

The fruit of my labour are 3,768 links to genealogical data found at  You may wonder why this is such a big deal seeing that the OGI has over 372,000 data sets.  Many of these digital books are unique and valuable resources.

Here are some impressive examples of the types of resources found at

Phillimore's Marriage Register collections including this one for Harwell, Berkshire
Memorial Inscriptions in the church and churchyard for Little Missenden, Buckinghamshire
School Registers from Repton, Derbyshire (includes birth dates and parent's name)
Complete Parish Registers like this one from Doddinton Pigot, Lincolnshire
Detailed pedigrees similar to this discovery for the Manners family from Framlington, Northumberland (No connection to my family so far!)
All gravestones at Almondbury, All Saints, Yorkshire published in 1880.

The value of graveyard surveys from old books and magazines is that many of these were done in the 1800s and the older headstones are either illegible, damaged or missing today. is an amazing website with everything from historical books to newsreel footage, rare concert audio, classic video games (you can play them right on the website!), photo collections and, one of my favourites, backups of "dead" websites (see  The latter is an amazing resource for genealogical information.  More on that in a future blog post.

To see's genelealogical collection, click HERE.  With over 134,000 genealogical books and magazines, I personally have a lot of pages left to review, thousands of hours of reading!

Additions to the OGI in March include:

Marriage Records from Cumberland, Denbighshire, Durham, Lancashire, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire.
Parish Registers and Memorial Inscriptions from Cheshire, Kent, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Suffolk, Warwickshire and Westmorland.
School Registers from Essex, Kent, London, Middlesex, Surrey and Yorkshire.
Welsh War Memorials from Denbighshire, Flintshire and Merionethshire.

I will be 'quiet' for a few weeks as I travel to the United States with my family to attend the wedding of my daughter, Reilly, and Samuel Pakratz of Tooele, Utah.  As people have reminded me, "That's what happens when you send your daughter to university in Utah!"  We are very happy and look forward to meeting Sam and his family.

I will return ready to search the depths of the internet for more unique and valuable genealogical treasures!

Best wishes and a Happy Easter to all,

Tim Manners

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  1. Well done. What a lot of work to make all this invaluable information available free to family history researchers.