Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Lots of new updates in February!

Greetings to my genealogical researching friends!

It has been a couple of weeks since my last post and I want you all to know what has been added to the OGI, so here is a detailed list!

Total of 5,217 data sets added or updated since my last post.  February has been busy!

There is more coming over the next few weeks then I will be off to the USA for my daughter's wedding (April 6th!) so may be quiet for a couple of weeks.

Thanks to Val, a new friend of the site who works at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah (the largest genealogical library in the world), more people will be learning about why ogindex.org is a great site to track down an English or Welsh ancestor.

Val sent some news this week from RootsTech in Salt Lake City:  

Carol, friend from England, and I ended up educating our neighbours about the OGI and one of them said, "I want to go home NOW and play with it!"   Other comments from Americans who joined in were "AWESOME!", "FABULOUS!"  And, very important, ..... "Why didn't we know about This?"

Between the two of us we taught 5 people!

She is so happy with ogindex.org, she is actively promoting its use and will be teaching others about it in a training course for British research, as well as mentioning it on a daily basis to guests with British ancestry.   I am always happy to learn when the OGI is being enthusiastically used around the world.  Thanks to any of you who have promoted the website by word of mouth (or email!)

Have a good March and stay warm (especially thoses suffering through snow and freezing temperatures around the UK).

Best wishes from Staffordshire,

Tim Manners

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