Tuesday, 29 January 2019

First additions of 2019

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year.  I am excited for all that 2019 has to offer (a little nervous about the effects of the type of Brexit we eventually will have to live with) and know that the Online Genealogical Index will continue to grow and offer more resources for your research success!

As we look forward to Spring, I would like to share a photo from the River Trent passing through Burton on Trent, where I currently reside.  We look forward to seeing this type of rejuvenation of nature in the next few months.

Things seem to slow a little in regards to new collections but I have just uploaded over 400 new record collections today.  Here is the list of details.
  • Berkshire - Parish Records for Sunninghill from FamilySearch.org (19 batches)
  • Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Oxfordshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Yorkshire - England Roman Catholic Parish Records from Find My Past (202 batches)
  • Cambridgeshire, Cheshire, Dorset, Durham, Norfolk, Suffolk, Yorkshire - Memorial Inscriptions from Gravestonephotos.com (14 batches)
  • Cumberland/Cumbria, Durham and Lincolnshire - National Burial Index additions from Find My Past (81 batches)
  • Durham and Northumberland - Parish Record Transcriptions from Durham Records Online (6 batches)
  • Kent - Parish Records from Find My Past (7 batches)
  • Lancashire - Parish Records and Memorial Inscriptions from Lancashire Online Parish Clerks (13 batches)
  • Lancashire - Civil Registration Births, Marriages and Deaths (22 batches)
  • Norfolk - Parish Baptisms from Norfolk Baptism Transcripts (6 batches)
  • Norfolk - Parish Records from Find My Past (23 batches)
  • Middlesex - Baptisms for Islesworth parish from Find My Past (1 batch)
  • Staffordshire - Civil Registration Deaths and Marriages (7 batches)
  • Yorkshire - Civil Registration Marriages (3 batches)
This brings the total of data sets on the site to 385,616.  Remember, a data set can be a huge collection of names and dates such as baptisms from Lichfield, St Chads for 1538-1900, for example.  Even though we have 385 thousand data sets, this covers millions of names and, hopefully, records of your ancestors waiting to be discovered by you!

As you can see, there are always new data sets being released to help find your ancestors.  The OGI puts them all in one reference place so you don't have to jump from site to site!

I look forward to a busy year and hope to reach 400,000 data sets on the site before the end of December.  

Thank you for using the site.  I would love to hear from you and your experiences, suggestions, comments.  Please use the comment section below this entry to make contact or email me at admin@ogindex.org.

Have a wonderful Spring!


Tim Manners
Creator and Owner

Friday, 14 December 2018

Overview of November and December updates

Seasons Greetings to all OGI Researchers!

It appears that many of the family history sites are slowing down a little in the release of new information but I have still managed to add 211 new data sets to the Online Genealogical Index.

Updates were added on 30th November and 14th December.

Here are the details:

Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire on BillionGraves (19 new cemeteries added)
Cheshire Civil Registration (10 additions)
Cheshire Parish Registers from Findmypast (18 parishes added)
Dorset Online Parish Clerk site (3 additions)
Durham and Northumberland Transcriptions added to DurhamRecordsOnline (18 additions)
Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Leicestershire & London parish records from Findmypast (16)
Gravestone Photos (33 new cemeteries added)
Lancashire Civil Registration (13 additions)
Lancashire Online Parish Clerk Transcriptions (58 data sets)
Norfolk Baptism Project (9 new parishes added)
Staffordshire Civil Registration Marriages and Deaths (9 additions)
Yorkshire Churchyards (3 added)
Yorkshire Civil Registration (1 added)
Isle of Wight Monumental Inscriptions (1 new cemetery added)

Another year has passed and the grand total of data sets on the OGI has reached 385,277 and has had over 14,000 searches made.  I hope more people will use the site next year.  Please pass the word around as it will help your friends and family with their research.

I was happy to find a family gravestone by using the OGI this week.  It had my great-great uncle and his wife with their death dates which was new information for my family tree.  Here is the photo from Sunninghill, St Michael and All Angels graveyard in Berkshire:

This was available from gravestonephotos.com, an excellent resource which is growing every week.  I review their additions and add them to the OGI to help users (and myself!) find information easily.

I hope you all have a great Christmas and enjoy time with your family.

Until 2019!

Tim Manners
Creator and Owner

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Review of October Updates

Hello users of the OGI!

There have been a number of updates this month and I want to give you a detailed list to show that the collection continues to be improved.  I also thought it would be of interest to show the breakdown of the data currently included.

As you can see, Findmypast is slowly catching Familysearch (the current leader) in data set totals.  I am always impressed with the 19% of non-commercial data sets (that is almost 72,000) in the Other category.  There are amazing sites with comprehensive data created by private individuals or local family history groups.  The Other Category also includes Archive.org's scanned family history books which currently stands at over 3,900 data sets.  Many books include multiple locations and after reviewing around 214,000 pages of data (no wonder I wear glasses), the resources being released in these historical journals, magazines and volumes are invaluable.

There were many updated Findmypast collections this month and that involved my removing of the current collection from the OGI and uploading the new data to the site.

The total number of uploaded data sets was 1,545.  Many of these replaced outdated year ranges, etc.

Current grand total of data sets hosted on the Online Genealogical Index is 385,019.  It looks as if my dream of passing 400,000 this year may have to wait until 2019. 

Here is the list of what was added/updated in October along with the number of data sets (specific places, type and date range).

Ancestry - Surrey, England, Church of England Marriages, 1754-1937 (289)

Dorset Online Parish Clerks (1)

  • Essex Parish Register transcriptions (3)
  • Sussex Parish Register images (4)
Findmypast (1,223)
  • Dorset Baptisms (307)
  • Dorset Burials (330)
  • Kent Registers & Records (15 sets of Parish Registers and Memorial Inscriptions)
  • Kent Baptisms (31)
  • Kent Banns (5)
  • Kent Burials (36)
  • Kent Marriages (3)
  • Kent, Canterbury Archdeaconry Banns (5)
  • Kent, Canterbury Archdeaconry Baptisms (7)
  • Kent, Canterbury Archdeaconry Burials (6)
  • Kent, Canterbury Archdeaconry Marriages (3)
  • Middlesex Baptisms 1543-1876 (270)
  • Northumberland and Durham Burials (205)
Gravestonephotos.com (14 new graveyards)

As you can see, things are still moving along in regards to new resources.  If I cannot find data needed at the OGI, I then go to the FamilySearch.org Catalog to see if digital films are available for a specific place.  I often add direct links to these parishes in the OGI for future access.  The process of doing this is explained in detail on the previous blog entry (28 September 2018).

I wish you all a good Autumn and look forward to sharing the new additions for November with you in a few weeks!

Best wishes,

Tim Manners
Creator and Owner

Friday, 28 September 2018

Updates in September include Durham, Northumberland, Suffolk and all Welsh counties

Greetings to all users of the Online Genealogical Index,

I have done a couple of updates since the last blog entry so I would like to keep everyone up to date with what has been added.

Findmypast has tweaked their Welsh parish record collections and renamed many of them.  They have combined Marriages and Banns into the same data sets and changed the Powys collections to be their original historical county names.  That has made my job easier as I previously had to research each location to determine its original county.

With these combinations, the number of data sets have dropped so the grand total on the OGI has gone down slightly.  

Apart from the Welsh changes, here are the other additions over the past few weeks.

  • 92 Suffolk graveyard and parish record transcriptions from FamilySearch
  • 755 locations in Durham, Northumberland and Yorkshire in the durhamrecordsonline.com database.  This was previously included in the OGI but was refreshed to import many updates.  The search and results are free but only show year and registration district.  
  • 11 new data sets for Lancashire Online Parish Clerks (lan-opc.org.uk)
  • City of London Cemetery and Crematorium image browse (440,000 names) from col-burialregisters.uk
  • 6 data sets of Yorkshire marriages from www.yorkshirebmd.org.uk
There are more collections coming before the end of the year according to FamilySearch.  Ancestry has not released any major new collections for a while so perhaps they will get something online soon.

If you find a gap in available data on the OGI, use the FamilySearch Catalog and look for available scanned films.  

Here is a step-by-step:

1.  Go to familysearch.org and sign in to your account.

2.  Hover your mouse over Search and click on Catalog.

3.  On the catalog page, enter the place you wish to search and select the correct location from the suggestions in the drop-down list.  Click on the Online option and then the Search button.

4.  Now open the section you are interested in such as Church Records.

5.  Click on the title you wish to view.

6.  Scroll down to the film details and look for the desired date ranges noting the item number(s).  This will be important when viewing the digital film.

7.  Click on the camera icon to open the film images.

8.  Use the page number option to jump to the correct part of the film looking for the required section number.

9.  It can take a few minutes to find the correct section of the film.  You can use the Information tab which will only show when viewing a page (double-click or use the box button on the left side).  This shows all the sections on the film to help you navigate your way through the images.

10.  And after some patience, you will find the section you need.

It may seem complex but much easier than ordering a microfilm and waiting weeks for delivery which is only available at a specific location!

More records are being digitized all the time.  There are full-time camera teams all over the world serving as volunteers with FamilySearch.  This promises many more data sets to come in the future!

Have a wonderful week and I will return with more updates very soon.


Tim Manners
Creator and Owner

Friday, 7 September 2018

New additions include Isle of Wight Cemetery Database, Dorset Memorial Inscriptions, parish records from Gloucestershire, Lancashire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire and more

Hello again,

It has been a number of weeks since I have updated the site.  Meanwhile, my family and I have traveled around Europe visiting friends and family (my son is serving in the British Army in Germany).

But I have been regularly finding new data to upload and today's addition of 735 data sets brings the total on ogindex.org to 385,320.

Here is the list of this week's updates:

  • 18 new graveyards added to gravestonephotos.com
  • Cheshire Civil Registration marriages
  • Lancashire Civil Registration marriages and deaths
  • Lancashire parish registers from www.lan-opc.org.uk
  • Montomeryshire Memorial Inscriptions collection from findmypast
  • New Dorset Memorial Inscriptions collection from findmypast (252 parishes)
  • New additions for Gloucestershire and Herefordshire on the Forest of Dean Parish records website (www.forest-of-dean.net)
  • Norfolk Baptism Project additions to three parishes (tinstaafl.co.uk)
  • Over 100,000 cemetery records in thirteen Isle of Wight cemeteries from www.iw-bereavementservices.co.uk
  • Oxfordshire Memorial Inscriptions and parish registers from archive.org
  • Rootsweb Derbyshire parish regsiters, apprenticeships, bastardy indexes, cemetery records
  • Staffordshire Civil Registration deaths
  • Updates to Ancestry's Liverpool Catholic records
  • Worcestershire and Herefordshire Parish Record images from familysearch.org
  • Yorkshire Civil Registration marriages
I am still confident that there are many new resources and collections coming before the end of the year.

I hope you will find more ancestors in this week's additions.  I use ogindex.org all the time to help save time finding online records.  

Until next time,

Tim Manners
Owner and Creator

Friday, 10 August 2018

Hundreds of new parish register and memorial inscription data sets added

Hello everyone,

This weeks OGI updates include Memorial Inscriptions for the following counties:

  • Devon
  • Durham
  • Lancashire
  • Leicestershire
  • Middlesex
  • Norfolk
  • Shropshire
  • Staffordshire
  • Warwickshire
  • Worcestershire
These were due to new books from archive.org (new to the OGI), gravestonephotos.com, a web.archive.org backup of a collection of Black Country websites that have recently gone offline and, finally, books.familysearch.org monumental inscription collections.  Total of 147 graveyards and war memorials added this week.

Civil Registration additions for Cheshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Staffordshire and Yorkshire adds births, deaths and marriages.  The details on these can improve those found on civl registration indexes such as FreeBMD and the GRO (and both are still vital resources I use every day).  For example, marriages give the exact place of marriage instead of just a registration district.  This is very useful for researching the marriage entries in the parish registers (by using the OGI, of course!)

Other additions this week include new Findmypast collections of parish registers and monumental inscriptions for Cheshire, Cumberland and Devon.

Parish register transcriptions and images are also added thanks to archive.org and the digital books found at books.familysearch.org.  The total of new parish register data sets from these two sources alone this week is 52.

I hope these new entries with a grand total of 239 data sets (specific places) will help you locate missing family members and vital records helping you expand your family tree.

I will now be out of the country for two weeks but will continue the OGI project upon my return.

May you all have a wonderful August.


Tim Manners
Creator and Owner

Friday, 27 July 2018

Digital Books add hundreds of new records this week

Greetings fellow researchers,

I have spent hours this week working on the digital books available at books.familysearch.org.  There are many there not available at archive.org or elsewhere online and they are a reminder of the valuable data recorded by faithful and dedicated genealogists.

There are two large collections of monumental inscriptions for Suffolk (467) and Yorkshire (62).  The total number of additions this week is 581 bringing the total of OGI data sets to 384,755.

Additional data sets found in the FamilySearch Books collection include parish registers and monumental inscriptions from Lancashire, Shropshire, Staffordshire and Warwickshire.  

The gentleman who roamed the country from 1825-1834 was John Wareyn Darby who spent thousands of hours transcribing headstones all over Suffolk.  He died unmarried in 1846.  I suppose it was difficult to meet a future wife in churchyards!  

He visited 467 churchyards throughout Suffolk and recorded the details of the gentry and, sometimes, listed the surnames from headstones in the churchyard.

Charles Patridge published printed copies of these transcriptions starting in 1913.  The complete collection, organized by parish hundreds, is available at books.familysearch.org  but I have added each one with corresponding page number in the original books so you can jump directly to the parish needed.  You can view the first book here.

This is only an example of the large collections available thanks to those who devoted their lives to recording the names of the deceased.

A second collection added this week is from Yorkshire and was completed in 1947 by full-time missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints serving in the Yorkshire area.  They were able to visit and transcribe the headstones from 62 churchyards.  Probably a little different from their regular missionary work but of great value to all those with Yorkshire ancestors!  You can view that book here.

I will continue looking for new resources and return in a week or so!


Tim Manners
Creator and Owner